Huntons specialise in pipe and vessel projects offering design, detailing and manufacture of such works.  We have a full range codings in MAG, TAG, MMA and semi-automated welding to ASME IX, and ISO 9606 and manage welding control in line with the procedures set out in ISO 3834. our work subjected to NDT ranging from visual up to full X-Ray for traceability. Typical materials include a range of Carbon and stainless steels and  PVDF for various fluids including, water, air, Sulphuric, Nitric, HF, HCL, steam, sludge, Oils and natural Gas.

Pressure Vessels

Huntons have manufactured pipework pressure vessels in a variety of sizes and plate thickness’s. with in house plate rolls and vessel manipulators we can handle large vessels in terms of diameters, lengths and plate thickness. We have an automated welding set-up to increase production time and quality.

Skid work

Huntons have manufactured skid assemblies for use in power stations and other environments. We offer the full service including the design of all elements such as the skid, supports, pipe routes, pressure vessels, weld and pressure testing, painting, assembly and transportation.

Fully automated skids

Huntons can also offer more advanced skid work including electrical control elements and automation. we can also work in a variety of materials to suit the fluids being processed including carbon steel, stainless steel and plastics.