AS part of the continuing TEAM2100 scheme Lake 5 is a flood relief pumping station which services the Thamesmead area in south east London. It is comprised of 4no 40kW submersible pumps which can pump up 0.26 Tonnes of water per second in to the river during flooding.

The work undertaken involved replacement of the 4 submersible pumps and valves with four submersible column pumps. These are driven by ultra-low harmonic Variable speed drives and are controlled by a custom designed, built and commissioned control panel.

Due to the restraints imposed by the existing wet-well design and low water level, formed suction inlets where installed to condition the flow through the pump and valves to allow optimal pump efficiency and reduce wear.

In order to facilitate the ongoing maintenance of the plant, a single level deck was constructed around the wet well along with a set of stoplogs to allow de-watering of either pair of pumps. Stoplogs and an access platform where also installed at the inlet of the pumping station to facilitate dewatering. Additionally 13no new hatches were required for access purposes.