Huntons completed the design, fabrication and installation of a 5.5m wide 3m tall tilting weir on the River Thames in 2013. The tilting weir was part of a new installation including an adjacent hydro turbine to provide green energy to the local area.

Huntons were commissioned to provide a robust solution for the new tilting weir, providing confidence in the 25 year design life of the structure. Huntons worked closely with the civil designers to develop the layout of the channel and surrounding concrete to allow an efficient installation process. The design of the tilting weir was carried out in 316 stainless steel for the gate with phosphor bronze drive gears onto a bespoke drive shaft. The drive arrangement is a tried and tested design which provides fine control across the entire range of movement of the gate with complete confidence.

Huntons also designed, manufactured and installed four hand wound radial gates on the adjacent weir as part of the project, as well as tow access bridges. The works were commissioned in 2014.