Orton Weir (near Peterborough) comprises of three main gates (two sluice gates approx. 6m x 2m and a smaller ‘drop’ gate approx. 6m x 0.9m). There were also two further gates which acted as permanent stoplogs for the larger gates, resulting in 5 total gates. Of these, three were chain driven and two were rope driven, with all 5 using a Rotork driven drive shaft controlled from a custom designed control panel.

The two sluice gates were designed with two permanent stoplogs situated slightly downstream of the gates so that maintenance can be carried out and the gates can be lifted fully out of the water without the need for floating plant or any extra stoplogs. This design leads to long term savings for the client providing efficiencies on cranage, transport, storage, labour and many other issues which arise when planned maintenance is carried out in the future.

The design was produced using 3D design software which allows us to walk the client through the design and allows them to familiarise themselves with the site setup prior to installation. This helps to streamline the site works and commissioning processes.